The primary job of a dishwasher is to, you already know, wash the dishes. However do you know that you simply most likely ought to wash the dishwasher too?

You’ll realize it’s time (or just a little overdue) for a cleansing when your dishwasher begins to scent just a little funky, has detergent buildup alongside the insides, or leaves a foggy, filmy buildup all around the dishes as a substitute of leaving all the things squeaky clear.

The tabs (which are available in a pack of six) are designed to get rid of odors and any buildup that accumulates on the within of your equipment. All you do is throw it within the acceptable slot throughout a wash cycle as soon as a month or so. (The individuals at Affresh suggest that you simply do that as soon as a month for optimum freshness.)

Affresh customers are complete converts. Don’t consider us? Listed below are just a few rave evaluations.

“My dishwasher is 5 years previous and had by no means been cleaned earlier than. It had excessive calcium and lime stone buildup and I ran it by two cleansing cycles with Affresh. The sprayers at the moment are clear.”

One other reviewer who lamented the identical buildup drawback stated, “We began getting white streaks throughout my dishes. That by no means occurred earlier than. Thought it was my detergent and adjusted it, however no distinction. Clear dishes with this bizarre white movie on them, we’d wash them by hand, then put them again within the dishwasher, and get white movie once more! Then I did an web search to determine what was happening (a dishwasher is an extremely easy piece of equipment). Discovered this! Purchased it. Used it. Dishes are clear once more!”

Our favourite evaluate, although, may simply be this one which claims that the product might even be TOO efficient. “The stainless inside of my dishwasher was left significantly sparkly after utilizing this product. One warning: If something, it might work too nicely in a loaded dishwasher. I ran my favourite Pyrex measuring cup within the cycle and it got here out naked …. all of the painted measurements had been washed off! Every little thing was very clear. Too clear within the case of the measuring cup!”

So perhaps depart the measuring cups out if you run an Affresh cycle.

Have you ever tried these things? Do you like it as a lot as Amazon customers appear to?

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