Tossing typical vase shapes apart, Edgewood Made has created a trio of distinctive vases which are impressed by vascular methods, like these in bushes, plumbing methods, and the human physique’s circulatory system. Vase Part includes three shapes that, identical to vascular methods, are made up totally different tubes and varieties that match collectively to turn out to be a full system. These tubes, or vessels, and different elements of assorted configurations and dimensions, knowledgeable the sculptural silhouettes of the handmade vases, which will be displayed individually or collectively.

Whereas every of the three vases – Part A, Part B, and Part C – have totally different shapes, they share related sections that permit them to be organized collectively in a row. Extra vases will be added on to create a bigger tablescape, if desired. The vases can stay empty or they are often full of any variety of flowers or objects for a wholly new look.

The Vase Part items are comprised of porcelain and completed with a matte exterior and a gloss glaze inside for added performance. They’re obtainable in Ivory White, Charcoal Black, Sage Grey, Woodland, Sky Blue, and Coral.

Edgewood Made Vase Part A

Edgewood Made Vase Part B

Edgewood Made Vase Part C

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